Wiping the Salsa From Your Shirt…

is not that easy. If you wear black shirts, mostly, like I do, more power to you. I feel sorry for the rest of you poor fuckers. She never woulda noticed if she hadn’t surreptitiously sniffed on my shirt. Actually, she sniffed on my throat, and said „mmhhh“ deliciously, because I „wear“ an irresistible Eau de Toilette, but then, something distracted her… and she sniffed further, and, like a god damned blood hound, she tracked it down to my breast, where the salsa had, well, dripped on me. Of course, being the honest, bluff fellow that I am (ahem), I explained what she was smelling there, but the moment was, to put it simply, destroyed.
Well, I had to laugh at that, and she laughed with me: lovely.


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