Opposites. That is what life is about. Reconciling the opposites within your soul.
The need for peace, and the need for insanity.
The need to dance, and the need to meditate.
The need to slam, to jump, to SCREEAAAM! And the need to submerge yourself in nature, to just listen to the world you live in. Listen to the silence.
’ve you ever felt the wind on your skin? It’s the most basic feeling humans are allowed. The very hairs on your whole damned body are tuned to it. Humans are hairy. Hairy little beasts we are, much closer to porcupines than we would like to admit. And if you are one of those people who shave their whole bodies, well, I am truly sorry for you. You are depriving your body of one of its sensory organs. Your skin can not sense the breeze properly without hair.
Your whole body is covered with tiny little hairs. They are a part of your sensory system. They register the most incredible things. The slightest changes in air-pressure, for example. If you are properly tuned, you can feel the presence of physical objects you can not see. They change the air around them, through their simple presence. You know they must. Even if you don’t believe you could feel that, you know that must be „feelable“.
Do you really believe you could’t feel that? Do you believe Homo sapiens would have survived all these millions of years without the ability to sense such things?
I know it is totally incongruous, but I am listening to Nina Hagen, Kunst. And now Gloria Halleluja Amen. Now that is not incongruous after all. Think of reasons why.

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