make life easier. They are just another way of sticking things in drawers, and sticking things in drawers is what has made homo sapiens so damned successful. Humans are the great organizers, the great classifiers. That is the key to our success, aside from our basic aggressive nature. Violence and organization. Okay, let us leave violence aside for the moment.
So; sticking things in drawers… don’t you do it? Careful how you answer now, think before speaking, as it were. You can’t speak here anyway, it’s a fucking blog, How I hate blogs. I never read the damned things.
I know you do: sticking things in drawers. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. (Do you aliens –I know you are reading this too– feel that way as well?)
The interesting thing is, how fast we stick people in drawers. Fact is, within instants of meeting someone, we have already stuck them in a drawer. Like the drawer „asshole“, for instance. The question is, how flexible are the drawers, or how flexible are we? Can we move people from one drawer to another when our first impression has proved to be erroneous?
I think people put each other in several drawers, and these drawers are subject to constant evaluation and change. There is not a single drawer, but rather always a mixture of drawers. Sets of drawers, as it were, that fluctuate.
I suppose that means that, when you have landed in my „asshole“ drawer, there are many sub-drawers that influence that decision. If I change my mind about enough of those sub-drawers, you might even land in the „sub-asshole“ drawer. If you lick my ass hard, you might even land in the „neutral“ drawer, assuming you do it subtly enough not to arouse my suspicion. There is nothing more suspect than an ass-licker. Yuck.
Perhaps you are simply not an asshole, and my first impression was completely wrong, for whatever reason. Maybe you had a bad day when I met you… you were hung-over, or pissed off at your lover, or had a nighgmare the night before.
This is the point where I say: toss all clichés overboard! But I know that is not possible, humans being what they are. Damn’ fool big-brain hairless apes. Can’t trust ’em for half a minute.


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