East-European Ska

Guttural ska. Root-punk-ska, combined with east-european influences, Klezmer, Russian traditional shit, Hungarian, Czech, what-the-hell-do-I-know and so on… it’s worth listening to. I love music that has mixed influences.
Perhaps some of you may not know all of the different influences that went in to rock ’n’ roll. Rock ’n’ roll is crossover if there ever was such a thing. People talk about independent and crossover like it was something new… they talked about music like that in my youth too. What a joke. There is and never was any music that isn’t crossover. Any good band has many influences and is inspired by the bygone.
I remember Allen Toussaint, I saw him play piano in a small place in New York, damned if know what it was called. It was one of the moments which made me believe in music, no matter that I never had the talent to be a true musician.
He played piano… he was alone. He played a song that began in classic, for which, at the time, I had no real ear. But nevertheless I could hear the beauty in it. And slowly, virtuously, he mixed it with cajun elements, with elements from rock, and soul… he made a melange out of it. In the end he was playing New Orleans blues piano. And he showed, effortlessly, beautifully, how all music stands together, how classic influences rock, soul, blues, punk, ska… how everything influences everything, to this very day.
I’ll never forget that experience.

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