The Black Hole

Sometimes I have the feeling I am about to burst. Then the tears leek out, like steam that’s been compressed, under extreme pressure, liquified not through cold but through gravity. The inner gravity of the black hole in my soul. It consumes my emotions, sucks them in for fear of letting them out. As if something that strong would destroy my surroundings if it got loose.
There are too many emotions in there. It’s developing it’s own dynamic.
People, dogs, children… drunkards, fools, friends, acquaintances, assholes and dangerous maniacs. It doesn’t matter who they are, I don’t want to hurt them with the blunt objects which are my feelings.
So just leak out a couple tears, that won’t hurt anybody. But what about me? I don’t think I can take it any more. The pressure is building, even the black hole can only hold so much… the situation is desperate. The black hole may explode, and what is then unleashed will be far worse than anything the black hole was constructed to prevent.
It’s all so dramatic. Haha.


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