Getting Away With It

We got laws, and we got mores. Wonts, and taboos. We got things that are mildly disapproved of, things people wrinkle their noses at. We got things everyone says they would never do, but they are done. The question is, can we get away with it? Social coercion at its best.
Every fucking social animal thinks the same way. Every wolf, every chimp, every gnu. The only difference between us and them is that we write it all down. That makes the whole thing somewhat more difficult for those who deviate from the norm. Suddenly, it’s the law.
I’m thinking I’m a tiger. I decide to do something different. All the other tigers are saying . . . What the fuck? Yeach, what the . . . ah hell, a young tiger, they’re all crazy anyway . . . Holy fuck, he got meat with that crazy tactic! Yeah. He got away with it. Aren’t there times when you wished you were a tiger? Imagine all the things you could get away with. Good things.
Social coercion has its uses, but it is also a God damned corset (corset, coercion, uhm, am I being too obvious here?)


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