How come? Because I had to pick my teeth. That is to say, I was looking for a toothpick, and they are, in this, my abode, to be found in the same cupboard as the spices. Will you tell me now what happened when I opened the door of that cupboard (I love that word: cup-board)? No? Then I will tell you: The wonderful smells of all the spices in there burst upon my nose. Wonderful. A world of spices, and all the varieties of cooking that are made possible thereby.
I love cooking. It is a creative process, and it starts with how you prepare the ingredients. In any case, the main ingredient should be love. And the second main ingredient should be fearlessness: once you have attained a basic feeling for cooking, you are free to experiment! Yes, you are. Just try, it’s fun! Try, discover! It’s wonderful. It’s better than reading science fiction books. You want new worlds? Start cooking. You may cook three pieces of shit, but for that you will discover, on the fourth, a wonder.
Just today I made a dish that tasted okay, but I’d not make it again. And I am considered, by my friends at least, to be a good cook. Hey, I tried something new, and I almost got it right. Next time I’ll knock your tastebuds right out of their socks.
Listening to Glavnoe, Rebyata, Serdtsem Na Staret from Leningrad.