Frustrated Romantic Intellectual with Base Instincts



There are a couple of songs I really love where the singer screams. The Pogues’ Turkish Song of the Damned, Los Lobos’ Mas y Mas, just to name two examples. I often scream along, if I know that my landlord is out at the moment. It helps, it’s a release to do so.
God knows there is enough to scream about in this world. There is even scream-therapy, which just seems ridiculous to me, because when I do scream, it’s spontaneous. Can you imagine sitting there with ten other people, and the therapist says: so, now we will all scream. Sorry, but I am rolling on the floor laughing just thinking about it.
Just recently I let out a right royal scream. It’s a bit complicated explaining why, so I’ll just keep it short and say I was extremely frustrated and exasperated by a woman and a man both at once. I opened the window in the top floor of the house I was visiting and let out a relatively short high scream, really, really fucking loud. I can be damned loud, like yelling-to-be-heard-two-miles-away-loud if necessary, and it was necessary to me in that moment, though no one was listening.
There was some slight satisfaction in answering everyone who asked „did you hear that scream a couple of minutes ago, what the hell was that?“ with: Uh, no.