At first I thought: heya, write a blog entry! But, as I opened the file, I yawned cavernously. Not out of boredom, oh no…! I just sort of realized I am far more tired and drunk than I thought. And I heard the clock ticking, and I thought: you gotta work tomorrow, you poor little fuck. But to hell with it. I can sleep when I am dead. Unfortunately I can not work when I am dead. That would be pretty cool, I could tell my boss that I will finish all that stuff when I die… being dead, I will then need no sleep or food and can work 24/7! That would appeal to him, I am sure. And when I die, I can say: fuck off, I ain’t workin’, watcha gonna do about it, kill me?! But, no go. I just barely avoided spilling a bunch of wine on my keyboard, but that is not what I wanted to write about. Unfortunately I have, in the process of almost spilling a bunch of wine on my keyboard, forgotten what it was I actually wanted to write about. Damn.
It was something important, I am sure.
Well then, I will talk about what I am eating. Better than the weather at least. I am eating Norwegian crackers with Pfefferknacker. Pfefferknacker, aka Pfefferbeißer, for those not in the know, are wonderful. Leave it to the Germans to make wonderful Pfefferknacker. To die for. The perfect thing for a descendant of Czech Jews.
What’s a Czech Jew doing in Germany, you may ask? The same things as anybody else: eating wonderful German wurst, drinking wonderful German beer… uh, Sicilian wine, actually… eating delicious Norwegian crackers… the wurst is gone, now I’ve switched to an excellent French cheese.
And that reflects the reality of life: a mixture. My great grand-dad was a Czech Jew, which doesn’t mean a damn thing to me except that I am interested in history and culture… in me flows the blood of Frenchmen, of Englishmen, of Czechs, of American Indians, among others… a mixed breed if there ever was such a thing.
And, if we are to believe the scientists, which I generally do, though not always, than we are all black men. Racism is simply stupid, because we are all descended from the same stock from Africa, and in any case mixed again and again, one tribe with another, diaspora, exodus, genetic upheavals which make any comparison and measuring of genetic viability utterly laughable. And that is on a statistical level. Don’t get me going on the individual level.
The individual level is pure stochastic. Insanity, chaos. The variation is so incredible that one might believe individuals belong to completely different species though they be brother and sister. And where does that leave us? It leaves us with the wonderful freedom to to take people as we find them, each one individually, each one unique, each and every one of them a beautiful one-time-only creation of nature, to be taken as they are, not as we expect them to be because they are German, or Indonesian, or Korean, or one of these horrible crass Americans one keeps hearing about, or whatever.
Listening to Golden Brown from The Stranglers. From far away.