What is Love?

Is it the opposite of hatred? Hardly. I can love someone and hate them at the same time, I know that, I’ve experienced it. Are there different kinds, or do we only believe there are? Are there different “levels” of love? Different intensities, different “volumes”? Is love just an illusion? Is it chemical? Is it like a bolt of cloth dumped on the floor, long, twisted, but coming, at some point yet unseen, to an end? Or is it like the universe, ever expanding, until one loses sight of all relation to humanity and self? Or is it just stupid, blind, unconscious, blundering, dependent on luck; a luck so incredible and unlikely as to be utterly doomed were it not for stochastic probability? The stochastic which forces every impossibility to be probable to some extent? Is that what forces me to love what I hate? A victim of chance, and therefor of fate? For chance allows itself to be influenced just as little as fate, chance and fate are words for the same thing, the only difference being the perspective. We look forward and see chance, behind us we see fate. Unless we are disinclined to do so and allege that we wanted to do that. Is it this that makes people so fucking insensible and stupid? Because there is no continuity… there is always the present and all that will come. The past is often too painful. I’d rather not think about it, says the bleeding fearful fucked up human brain, wounded, reeling… pff, forget it, I’m just ranting.