Half on the Horse

Foot in the stirrup. You’re almost mounted. What do you actually want to do? Those are the moments where you start off half-cocked. You’re almost in the fucking saddle, but… what in hell are you doing? You know you want to go, but… where to?
Beware. Just like a smart horse, life notices when you are not fully in control, and that’s the moment when it will buck and twist under you like a damned corkscrew. It’ll throw you off like nobody’s business, and most likely you’ll mash your balls on the saddle-horn on the way down. God damn that hurts.
There you lay. The horse is calm now. Maybe it even licks your face. I didn’t mean it like that, it seems to be saying, you can get on me now, if you still want to. Sheesh, watcha doin’ down there anyways? I was just caperin’ a little, didn’t mean to catch you off guard an’ all, hehe.