Inverse Civilization

I have a question for you: Do you, if you should be one of those terribly unhealthy people who populate this world by the millions and eat that kind of shit like me, put your potato chips in a bowl or just eat them out of the plastic bag? And, no matter which way you answered that question, what does that say about your degree of civilization? Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you eat them out of the bag. Well and good. That could be taken as a sign of inverse civilization. If you do put them in a bowl, this blog is not about you, so shut up.
You ever heard the word “uncouth”? It’s out of fashion nowadays, but it is a really cool word. It means uncivilized in the sense of having no fucking manners and no bloody sense of propriety.
Just as an in-between: listening to Guns of Brixton from the Clash.
And apropos the civilizing influence of religion: What an Old Codger I Am from the Stranglers.
So, whether you had heard of uncouth before or not, you know now what it means. And eating potato chips out of the bag is, yeah, you guessed it, uncouth. Sorry, it is. And that is inverse civilization: the more civilized we get the less civilized we are; civilized in the sense of “couth”. Civilization led to potato chips, “just like marijuana leads to heroine”, as William Burroughs said. But the fact that we get potato chips in a plastic bag, only possible through civilization, allows us to eat them out of said bag, which is, like, totally uncivilized.
Oh wow, random selection, right after old codger I get God’s Great Dust Storm from Katzenjammer. Just goes to show that religion is good for something after all, on occasion: inspiration.