The Bus is Goin’ Mighty Slow

People are getting hostile. They want equality. Oops, no, they want power. The people, you know, the people, the multitudes, all those people who live like shit… the people. The people who don’t read this, because they are busy working their asses off to keep living. Time to stop giving them lip-service, like I am doing here, because they will rise.
You know what Napoleon said? People will fight harder for their interests than for their rights. How right he was. It’s a terrible thing, but it is a fact supported by history. He used this fact to manipulate the entire european continent.
So, look at the interests of the people now, and look at what is going on in the world. How long can it go on like this? How long can people in power slow the bus?
Long claws they may have, but they can’t hold on forever.
Blue Arse from The Mekons.


It isn’t power you want. You don’t want the ability to destroy things, or to mend things. You want the feeling that things are right as they are. The feeling that you are fulfilling your destiny. You want serendipity. Everything is in place, dammit, every single little piece… from the smallest insect creeping along the twig of the bush next to you, to the little knowing smile on the face of your loved one as she turns to you and says nothing, because there is no need to say what is clear even to your mean understanding.
Even your stupid-smart brain gets it: there is no need to think, because everything will find its place without your help. All your striving is useless! You stand on the earth, so thin and fragile, and the Earth moves beneath you… and you don’t understand; you never will. You can never grasp the fact that you are whirling about the center of an entire galaxy at mind-numbing speed… but it doesn’t matter.
The simple fact of your existence is so fucking improbable that it’s ridiculous. That you go through life without having been killed even more so. That you fall in love with the only person who is made for you, only for you… well, need I say more? It’s so improbable that it is almost impossible, but not quite. It’s serendipity. It’s like laying your head in the guillotine and hearing it whistling down to get you, only to have it get stuck. And while the executioner is repairing it the revolution is called off, and you are pardoned. Not only that, but the pardon reaches you in time, and the executioner doesn’t decide he couldn’t care less, to kill you anyway, because after all, dammit, there must be order.
Why do we want this? Why do we yearn after a higher power, be it a God, or simple fate? Why don’t we humans want to take things in our own bloody hands? Why are we so weak? Because we are. We are weak, and we know it.

Hellstrøm is a Superhero

Alright, I’s a superhero. I can fly, I got x-ray eyes, or sumthin’. Mighty thews and all. What’s I gonna do? I’ll tell ya (you never woulda guessed, would ya, you’da thought I’d hull myself in decorous silence). I knows I can save the world… or? I can overthrow a bad government in two secs. I can stop atom bombs with a snap of the fingers. I got the power, darlin’. Toss a baby out the window, I’ll hear it scream half across the world, and come runnin’ and catch it.
But there is one thing I can never conquer: the human will to do ill. That apely proclivity to be evil. And, as a perfectly civil and well adjusted superhero, I have no understanding for that proclivity.
What choices remain for me then? What to do, when I believe in the best possible truth? Either I kill all of humanity, because it can never ever live up to that truth, or I kill myself, because I can not stand it any more. I can not stand the fact that all my powers are not equal to the task of changing an ape in to a human being.
Not a single fucking ape. Not even me.

Doing Things, Aye

I hear you scream. Well, what do you want me do about it? Should I be hypocritical and say: poor thing. Or: you’ll be fine, don’t worry.
Do your thing. And if you fail: tough tits, try again. Believe me, the entirety of humanity is just as devoid of a plan as you. Most of them have even less of a plan than you do, if that is a consolation. I know it is hard to believe, but it’s true.
Do something. No matter what. If you have an idea, any fucking idea at all, you are in front of half of humanity already. And if you stick to it… well, aye.
Perhaps you are just a mouse. But you’ll be fine with that as long as you always give the finger to the eagle. Do your thing, be aware that you are necessary. The eagle is nothing without the mouse. Mice rule the world, as long as they are aware that they can give the eagle the finger. Be rude. Most of the eagles are just mice anyway. They are just as afraid as you. Quite possibly more so. Somebody put them there and said: you are an eagle, boss the mice, dammit.
So do your thing. In the end, there is no one to stop you but your own bloody helpless self. You have the power. Power. You. Yep. You are the boss of you.

Word is Virus

I’ve just infected you. I’ve planted an idea in your head. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. I’ve influenced your mind. It doesn’t matter what I say, you can’t help listening. Stop reading. But even then, it is too late. This is what keeps authors writing. It’s the feeling of power. A single, a single, a single word can change the world. Now that is power. Fuck superheroes, fuck soldiers, they haven’t the slightest chance against ideas.


One of the basic inconsistencies of democracy is that only people who want power (or money, as a means to power) will become candidates. There are exceptions. There are people in politics who are truly altruistic. But they are so few and far between that one can practically discount them in the statistical sense. Many people who’s goals seem altruistic, or at least „good“, are still power-people. They want to rule you, and God help you if their goals aren’t congruent with yours.
If you must be ruled, it is better not to be ruled by people who want power. A person who wants power is simply interested in exercising and furthering that power, not in serving the people, which is what elected political officials should supposedly be doing in a democracy.
Like all big political systems run by human society, democracies tend to become corrupt over time. Because humans are the crazy little aggressive curious apes that they are, they will exploit any system for their own individual benefit. And how do you expect a system they created themselves to resist that? I don’t see any way out of this contradiction. It’s a basic and inherent flaw in all human political endeavors.
It makes me think we really shouldn’t be living together in such large numbers, since there seems to be no really effective way we can govern the human need for acing the other fellow out, to control the human penchant for outwitting the immediate environment. Since we no longer live in a natural environment, since we have made/become our own separate environment to some extent, in which often the only opponents are other humans, this survival skill is exercised on other humans. Not exactly conducive to systems that truly have the interests of society as a whole in mind, or to protecting the rights of the individuals and minorities against the majorities in said society, is it now? It’s almost as if humans simply weren’t built for that.
I don’t think you can actually find a truly honest candidates for high office. There is nobody who hasn’t made deals on the way up, it’s a given, they wouldn’t be where they were if they weren’t hand in glove with corruption. They are where the money is, and have been there for some time, before ever being seriously considered as candidates. If they were at some time honest, you can be sure they have long since been brought to fall by then.


I have a tendency, after things have happened, to say it was fate. And then I wonder if it isn’t just a matter of perspective.
Before things happen, everything is open, all possibilities are available! I feel the power to create, to mould things as I imagine them. But when all is said and done, I often have the feeling: it could not have come any other way. It was simply not possible that I did not drink three bottles of wine and fall on the frail table from Morocco, destroying it completely, for example.
And then I am reminded of Francis Bacon, who said: It is the peculiar and perpetual error of the human understanding to be more moved and excited by affirmatives than by negatives. In other words, we see what happens, and we think that is the way it must always be. Yes.
This is a basic human tendency. We love affirmatives. We tend to ignore the negatives, we register what happens and spend little thought on all the things that had to not happen in order to allow what did happen to occur… are you still following me, dear reader?
Why do you think men (or women) in power surround themselves with yes-men? And do you realize that historical events can rest on the turn of a single word? Even now, they can rest on the thoughts and deeds of a single insane human being. Those who have control are just as human as you and I. Holy, fucking, shit. Yeah, a bunch of fuck-ups, just like the rest of us. And they are surrounded by yes-men. God only knows what kinds of bizarre thoughts and beliefs are brewed in such a strange atmosphere… and it’s these people who control the world. Frightening, isn’t it?