Hellstrøm is a Superhero

Alright, I’s a superhero. I can fly, I got x-ray eyes, or sumthin’. Mighty thews and all. What’s I gonna do? I’ll tell ya (you never woulda guessed, would ya, you’da thought I’d hull myself in decorous silence). I knows I can save the world… or? I can overthrow a bad government in two secs. I can stop atom bombs with a snap of the fingers. I got the power, darlin’. Toss a baby out the window, I’ll hear it scream half across the world, and come runnin’ and catch it.
But there is one thing I can never conquer: the human will to do ill. That apely proclivity to be evil. And, as a perfectly civil and well adjusted superhero, I have no understanding for that proclivity.
What choices remain for me then? What to do, when I believe in the best possible truth? Either I kill all of humanity, because it can never ever live up to that truth, or I kill myself, because I can not stand it any more. I can not stand the fact that all my powers are not equal to the task of changing an ape in to a human being.
Not a single fucking ape. Not even me.