Just stuff the food and swill the champagne. Act like you think it’s art. Give intellectual commonplaces to your best. Be quasi, you casual little cultural fuck, you. Well… well, it’d be different if it was really good art, wouldn’t it now? Then, you could say: holy fucking shit, this is really cool stuff! or: I don’t understand it yet, but damn, I like it!
But how often does that happen? I’ve been to enough „openings“ to know… that I am not impressed. I know, that sounds totally arrogant, and it is. But, and here’s the wiggle, most of it isn’t even, well, how shall I say… acceptable? I mean, like, better than average. I’d be willing to praise anything above mediocre. But 90% is just plain CRAP, with some fucking kinky concept to accompany it in to the depths of creative hell. So just stuff the food and swill the champagne. Act like you… oh, yeah, I said that already.

2 thoughts on “Vernissage

  1. Mr Hellstrom!

    Funny that this French word has suddenly appeared in our world (that of the Dockwood Furniture people, that is) here in New York City. We have been invited to the “Vernissage” of the Salon Art Fair at the Park Avenue Armory this week – a totally cool venue – but, who wants to be “varnished”? That’s what it means, en Francais. But we will, indeed “varnish” our gullets with the free champagne that our VIP Pass affords us!

    – Dockwood

    • As I understand it, it has to do with “varnishing” or retouching the pictures that are displayed after they have been hung up for the opening. Giving them the last touch, perhaps. Which makes me, oddly, think of the word veneer, which could be defined as a deceptive, superficial show; a façade. A thin coating which conceals the heart of things. But whatever.

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